What Is a Balayage?

Whilst it has been around for some time, balayage is becoming increasingly popular. The word is a translation of the French word that means to paint or sweep. The process allows for a colour that is more natural-looking and sun-kissed. The technique replicates nature as it offers a colour that is softer without the noticeable regrowth lines. Indeed, less is more when you use the process to create a natural-looking colour and softer hair.

A Way to Refresh Your Look

Balayage is applied on the surface of the hair. It is never saturated. The idea is to produce a gentle colour. The freehand colouring technique uses no foil to create the effect. Therefore, an expert in balayage is able to place the colour to suit a client’s skin tone. As a result, the look will really lighten up a woman’s features and face.

So, if you want your colour to appear soft and natural yet vibrant, you need to find hairdressers in Perth that feature the balayage service. Balayage is more popular than ever because A-listers and models are wearing the look. You can see the results of this colouring method at red carpet events as well as on all the fashion catwalks.

Low-Maintenance Colour

Happily, a balayage requires little follow-up maintenance. The colour grows out more naturally. As a result, clients can wait longer between appointments. All you really need to do to maintain the colour is protect it. That means using a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner and using heat protection when styling your hair.

You can use this colouring method on both dark and light hair. The colouring technique can also be used on most hair lengths with the only exception being cropped hair. When the colour you use appears more bespoke or natural, it is also more flattering.

Healthy hair is hair that never goes out of style. That is why balayage is an ideal colouring choice. The colouring method gives a client a healthy and gorgeous finish that looks both glossy and expensive. Also, the hue can be stronger or more natural. It’s up to you.

How the Process Works

During the colouring process, stylists take small sections of the client’s hair and position them one at a time onto a backing board. Then they paint-colour the hair freehand with a brush.Cotton, plastic, or paper wraps are folded around the coloured sections to separate them whilst they dry.

When painting the hair, the stylist begins at the middle of the strand and then sweeps out toward the tip or root. Because stylists use this approach, a balayagetouchup is recommended every two to four months. Foil highlights, on the other hand, are touched up every six weeks.

Everyone Can Benefit

Frequently used for flowing hairstyles, balayage highlights look good on beachy-type waves or loose curls. Stylists add that the colour looks the most natural on hair that falls past the shoulders. However, that does not mean women with shorter hair should not take advantage of this type of colouring technique. The approach adds dimension to all hair colours and is even ideal for women with greying hair. Because a single-process colour is avoided, less stress is placed on the non-grey hairs or the scalp.

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