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Every individual who follows the sport of cycling knows about the famous yellow jersey awarded to the winner of each stage of the Tour de France. However, jerseys of other colours are also desired by serious cyclists, including the pink, red, blue, white, and black of Giro d’Italia. In the famous French race, point leaders commonly receive a green jersey, while mountain leaders receive a polka-dot jersey.

In some world-class races, the stage leader wears a jersey of a colour other than yellow, but they are few in number. The rider is not officially the “winner” of the jersey until he or she has won the entire event. Unless he or she wins, the rider is only the “wearer” of the jersey.

Speaking of Jerseys

For cycling enthusiasts, as well as professional riders, the jersey is one of the most important articles of attire. An amateur rider may not have a realistic chance of wearing the famous yellow jersey, but he or she can wear a comfortable, eye-catching item from a leading supplier of attractive cycling clothing.

Since 2011, the artist and designer behind the term “Cycology” has created outstanding men’s cycling jerseys that are functional as well as beautiful. Basing the unique graphics on the time he spent training and racing with other two-wheel athletes, his company has grown significantly in a relatively short time. Now it is possible for riders to advertise their passion for the sport.

The jerseys are sewn with the finest fabrics and display exclusive designs from the company’s artist. In addition to the gorgeous visual display, the jerseys are extremely comfortable, because they are exquisitely cut for the best riding experience. They are lightweight, stretch in every direction, and deliver outstanding wicking properties to keep the athlete dry. The long-sleeve jersey is made with a heavier fleece fabric and also has reflective elements.

Online Convenience

If you are an avid cyclist, you can browse the many beautiful jerseys on the company’s extensive website and confidently place your order. Keep in mind that these desirable articles may sometimes be out of stock. However, if the size you need is not available at the time you are ordering, take the extra step of contacting the company for additional information and assistance.

The site also offers a convenient size guide on each product page. Sizing is approximate, with minor variations, which is to be expected in production. The company does suggest selecting a size larger to allow for shrinkage of the 100% cotton tee-shirts. Women’s tees taper at the waist and back and flare slightly at the hips.

Men’s jerseys, and all other unique items from the supplier, are not available in stores, so you will have to browse the site and shop online. The primary reason is maintaining quality control. You can order in a secure purchasing environment and benefit from a flexible exchange/return policy. Items are shipped daily and worldwide for no additional charge.

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