Boobalicious fantasies for the young babes out there!

Bread and butter, tea and cakes, needle and thread, shoes and socks, table and chair….what comes to your mind when you hear these set of words clubbed together? One perfectly blends with the other, isn’t it? Perfect lingerie and sexy looks are again two phrased words which go as a synonymous pair. One cannot be separated from the other.

Presenting you with some mouth-watering picks on lingerie fresh out of the stacks

Ample coverage tee bra

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The striped wonder adds confidence and glam to your overall appearance. It is super sleek and comfortable for you to wear on. With its perfectly designed silhouette, you experience your shape all day and night. The bra provides complete coverage to your cups. The adjustable straps make sure the bra stays in place. With sizes ranging from 36DD,38-40D-DD and 40 C, is there something better you are waiting for? Natural Leopard, Rich Grape dot and Sweet Briar rose are rare picks on the go!

Front Close Racer back push up bra

Hey, this is not some kind of athletic exercise that is being spoken about here. It is a kind of a bra that is intended to give you an instant lift. With a racer back in a front close up shape, this is the glam pick worth counting on. It provides great shape to your cleavage and under wire cups are padded. The nylon/spandex trend setter elevates your sensuality to a new level, all together!

The Lacie Demi bra

The bra is exclusively designed with pearl white lace. The lacey effect is what makes the lingerie flirty and feminine. The lace trim peeks through your neck line giving you a well-defined appearance. Soft under wire cups appear tender but provide you with the right support.

You should ideally go in for a bra that suits your skin color and not go for something that appear jazzy. Shades like black, white and cream add to the saga of celebration.

Wireless bra

Made from infinite edge technology, the bra is literally invisible under your clothes. Are you singing tunes of Latino Singer Shakira’s ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ from Laundry Service? The bra makes you feel comfortable and at the same time gives you a sexy look. With absolutely no wires at all, add a treat to your curve hugging styles. The stretch is made from nylon/spandex.

One for the fiery teenager

The fire is always there when you come across a young and a bold teenager. She simply speaks her mind out. The bra is exquisitely designed to suit her moods. This is a push up bra with comfortable padding for an amazing lift. Your cleavage looks at its awesome best. You have rhinestones and bow decorating the center. A Must have for your low cut necklines!Fleur Romantic, Hood stone lace, Pirouette All pink, Black All over lace are shades that perfectly complements with the teenager looks.

For the bombshell, add two full cups

The bra is the ultimate haven for girls having fatter tits. The two full cups provide ample coverage to your cleavage area. The bra makes you appear fuller and sexier. You ae able to create an hourglass silhouette keeping the padding effect, a complete secret known only to you.

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