Bodystocking – one of the stunning lingerie for women

Bodystockings are lingerie innovations that converges style and sexy together. They should be a necessary part of a woman’s wardrobe because they are not just sensual in nature, as most would think, but they can be very useful as well. Bodystockings shapes your body where the result would make you look lean with all the right curves.

Bodystockings can give you a sexy look from head to toe. It can also be useful when wearing body hugging dresses. Some women prefer to wear these instead of thongs under their dress to avoid panty lines. They can also be an intimate display during a private sexy time with your partner. Bodystockings are classy looking and sophisticated. It accentuates your body in a subtle way, covering just about enough to leave some to your partner’s imagination.


There are several types of bodystockings and one should know the difference of each, especially on what should look good on the body you have.

  1. Lace Bodystockings. Lace bodystockings look sexily demure, with bows and patterns on the lace. A good color to choose to get this effect is white, the color of purity, but that is only if you’re comfortable in wearing this color. White material may tend to make you look bigger, though. Black lace would look elegant and it holds a mysterious touch. Take note though that most lacy material are itchy in nature, so there may be some issues with comfort when wearing this.


  1. Opaque Bodystockings. These look more like leotards. They were most likely created to serve the main purpose of being a lingerie foundation and maintaining the curves of your body under whatever you are wearing.
  2. Fishnet Bodystockings. You have to be very attentive when choosing this kind of bodystocking. Fishnet, while sexy and attractive, can also be hideous if not worn correctly. When we say correctly, we mean the fit is perfect for your body. Otherwise, the excess skin would just protrude outside the fishnet and would make the whole effect look more silly than sexy.
  3. Sheer Bodystockings. This is what we consider as the sexiest type of bodystocking. It can serve all purposes of the other three mentioned above. Sheer bodystockings are the most widely chosen since commonly, everything from the material, to the design, to the fit can make a woman feel sexy and beautiful. It has it all. In addition, sheer bodystockings can also be your sexy time lingerie.

Once you’ve decided which type of bodystocking you think would be perfect for you, it’s time to purchase some and make them a permanent part of your wardrobe. Like most stuff, you can buy bodystockings in India online. They are also sold in your local department stores or lingerie boutiques in India. You only need to remember a few things when buying one.

  • Choosing the right color is important. One can never go wrong with black. Black is both sexy and elegant. But if your purpose of buying one is to make it an undergarment when wearing a tight fitting dress, it would be best if you choose a color that matches the hue of your outfit so as not to show any shadows underneath.
  • The patterns should be selected carefully. Some patterns are too detailed and intricate that it takes away all the accent that should be your body.
  • The cost should also be considerable. If you are willing to pay any amount, then by all means. There are designer labels that can give you bodystockings with the best materials and different styles. Otherwise, there are also other options in the market that can give your body the same effect.
  • Of course, and most importantly, you should consider your comfort when using bodystockings. Nothing says sexy more than a woman who is comfortable with her body.

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