5 Easy Tips for Beautiful and Flawless Winter Skin

When winter knocks on the door, it comes with the holidays, Christmas, fun activities and dry skin. When it comes to beauty, you have to shine in all the seasons. The dry winter air brings with it a dull and dry skin. It is the season which you have to make some extra efforts to take care of your skin. Most people tend to experience itchiness due to dry skin and allergies to skin products. With the cold, the heater indoors can also result in skin dryness. Here five tips for beautiful and flawless winter skin:
1. Humidify
Invest on your best humidifier to lessen the effects of the harsh air on your skin. The humidifier helps moisturize the air around the house. By heating the house, you strip the air of its moisture adding on the drying effect of the winter air. A humidifier is the best thing you can do to avoid dry skin by all means. Dry skin is dull taking away the glow of the skin. With a humidifier, you can sleep all night to wake up with your skin intact. Getting a humidifier does not mark the end of it; Bacteria can breed in your humidifier if not managed properly. The humidifier has to be regularly cleaned. The bacteria can aggravate the problem of dry skin or bring other skin conditions that will cost the beauty of your skin.
2. Switch to the best cleansing balm
With the harsh weather, you have to drop any products that can aggravate the skin dryness. Go for the best cleanser that soothes and leaves your skin smooth and with a radiant glow. Before you go off to bed every day make sure you cleanse and all the makeup is off especially eye makeup which tends to be hard to remove. After that, you can now moisturize with a thick moisturizer. This will protect your skin all night to wake up with a beautiful glowing skin. By cleansing, you help remove dirt and accumulated oils which could lead to skin breakouts like acne and pimples. These breakouts prevent you from getting a flawless, radiant skin. Make sure you always cleanse.
3. Moisturize
The thirsty air all over brings destruction to your skin. Investing on a moisturizer with humectants that will attract moisture to your skin is an excellent option. After washing your face with the best cleanser, ensure that your winter moisturizer suits winter and not the one you’ve been using during the summer. Moisturize in the morning after cleansing and the evening before bed. The moisturizer locks in the moisture leaving your skin supple and beautiful. Make sure that your showers are short and you use lukewarm water. This will boost the function of the moisturizer. Hot showers strip the skin of its essential oils. Try to reinforce your moisturizer hydrate from the inside by taking plenty of water and fluids. The hydration will leave your skin silky smooth and flawless.
4. Use serum
Your serum is essential and will add up to the importance of your moisturizer. Every morning or evenings before moisturizing do apply serum which penetrates deep into your skin hydrating it. Serum with skin brightening properties will be enough for a beautifully radiant look. After exfoliating during winter which is essential after every week for renewing the skin, applying serum leaves your skin silky smooth and flawless. If you have a problem with acne, serum with properties for combating acne will serve your skin to leave it perfect. For an excellent skin luster, an overnight mask with the serum is a splendid idea. Put on a mask with extracts of avocado and protein. Start by applying the serum then a thin layer of the mask. The serum will help the extracts to seep deep into your skin. It will also leave the skin hydrated overnight. The result in the morning is a youthful, radiant glow.
5. Do not drop your sunscreen
Getting some sunburn won’t make your skin beautiful or flawless. Winter has got sunburns also, especially if you stay outdoors for long. But how can you avoid waiting outside yet it is the festive holiday with all the traveling, fun activities and just chilling out with the snow. You do not have to fear for sunburns if you slather on sunscreen of SPF of above 15. Wearing your sunscreen every morning will keep your skin beautiful and flawless although without fear of the UVB rays. The sunscreen helps to reinforce all the efforts you’ve done to the skin during winter. It leaves your skin with a perfect luster.
Make your skin shine all the winter! Dress it up with your best clothing and accessories. Make it you lifestyle to have a beautiful and flawless skin all seasons.
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