10 ways of looking gorgeous by wearing a scarf

You have probably been looking for an accessory that you can wear in different styles and look just as good as you would with a turtleneck and jeans or a sundress, or use to add some color to your wardrobe. Well, you should stop your search because scarves provide an ultimate solution for you they are classic accessories that you can find in all the fashion capitals across the world including California, New York, and Paris. They come in fabrics that range from acrylic, and cotton, to cashmere and silk. Their shapes range from long and plush fringe trimmed strips to simple squares. Scarves are not only functional accessories but they are also stylish and attractive as well hence, you should try the following 10 ideas so that you can look gorgeous when wearing your scarf.

10 ways of looking gorgeous by wearing scarf

  1. Use two scarves of contrasting colors

Take two scarves of contrasting colors and make them into one unit by twisting them, and close it with a scarf slide like the one you usually use on string ties. Make a fashionable and unique new wardrobe addition by turning the closure on the shoulder or to the side.

  1. Try multiples in one line

You should try multiples in one line and slide or add a removable buckle in order to lend your scarf a unique belting papacy that will give your plain black skirt a smart new look by enhancing it

  1. Use your scarf to convert your office suit from day to evening

Use some simple tricks with your scarf to convert your office suit from day to evening. If you are aware ahead of time that you are supposed to change from office to evening wear, you should wear a suit shell of satin or velvet under your suit jacket, or a softer texture blouse to give yourself a great textural contrast during the day and enable yourself to readily move into evening wear. You should create a cummerbund effect by removing your jacket and tying the two of them loosely around your waist.

  1. Twist two different colors together

When you want to dress for an occasion or casually, you should create a unique alternative to your headband by twisting two different colors together very tightly like a rope and adding to your hair. Your scarf is a remarkably versatile way of going from daytime to evening because it can be casual or dressy.

  1. Use it in winter or summer

Scarves are suitable for use in winter or summer. Hence, your scarf will truly make your outfit to stand out by offering you contrast in both color and in texture when you wear it with a sweater.

  1. Loop your scarf around your neck

Try twisting your scarf until it starts to fold in on itself. You should then loop it around the neck before adding a fashionable pin like one of the hatpin varieties that has a push on back and one bar, or the type that has a pin closure. This will help in holding the twists in place while the pin serves as the focal point of your jewelry effect.

  1. Use your scarf to make a no-sew halter top during summer

You can use the same scarf to make a no-sew halter top during the summer months. To accomplish this, you should take two squares of scarves and put them side by side by tying a couple of corners together. Drape your scarf over your body, center the knot between your breasts, and tie one knot at the lower back and behind your neck. You can give yourself a better and unique look by using two contrasting colors or a plainer look by using a pattern or matching colors.

  1. Wear a narrow rectangular scarf

This type of scarf is a great way of accentuating a winter or summer blazer or jacket, and adding interest and color to your neutral business ensemble.

  1. Wear a hand knit scarf

This type of scarf has come a very long way from the heavy and itchy results of the knitting needles of your grandmother. Nowadays, you can find a designer knit scarf in lacy designs that are made of specialty yarns like a ribbon infused silk blend and pillow soft alpaca.

  1. Wear a long knit scarf

You can use a long knit scarf to add some color to your otherwise monochromatic ensemble or pull your outfit together. You should try to wind your knit scarf loosely around your neck and let its ends hand down its front in order to get a slimming effect, or dress up your trendy shift by wrapping it around your shoulders.

A scarf is a wonderful accessory and a fantastic way of dressing up your wardrobe in order to provide a pizzazz to outfits that do not have contrast or colors, and to add some element of beauty to the jewelry. You should therefore get a Bahrain Visa so that you can go and pick up your preferred type of scarf today.

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